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My Story...

I've always been captivated by the architectural design and construction of buildings, focusing on the technologies, cultural, and material forces that shape buildings and the built environment. This fascination, ignited by encounters with iconic projects like Sydney Opera House, Forbidden City, and Louvre Museum, inspired my passion to study architecture. Observing projects use biomaterials to interact with green processes, such as the innovative "Hy-Fi Project" by Ecovative Design & The Living Studio, which showcases the transformative power of adaptive architecture, utilizing unconventional materials like mushrooms to develop mycelium bricks. The dynamic nature of building design technology, with constant advancements in material innovations and sustainability considerations, resonates with my enthusiasm for innovative structures and new fabrication techniques. The design of climatically-adapted buildings that conserve energy and preserve sustainable development gives me the opportunity to rethink and define the adaptability of architecture and its contribution to the environment. With this pioneering area, I will work on developing "near-life" biological and mechanical built environments that have a positive impact on the environment.

During my five years of undergraduate studies, I have gained a firm understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of architecture and design. To bring science to life through architectural design and to solve the climate problem, I joined Cornell University AAP, focusing on advanced architectural design & materials science. I investigate the intersections of architecture and science, and apply insights and theories from biology, robotics, computer science, mathematics, and materials scienceto the design, fabrication, and production of responsive material structures and systems. My research includes bioinspired adaptive materials, robotic fabrication. To facilitate my research, I mastered the computational design and, evident in my one-year individual thesis, "Adaptive Architecture: Biomimetic architectural surface based on hygroscopic enabling responsiveness," using state-of-the-art digital fabrication tools. In addition, interning at Cornell AAP and Sabin lab enhanced my matter design capabilities and leadership skills. While my initial goal was to be a proficient architectural designer, Cornell AAP and Professor Jenny led me to discover my specific interests and best field. I am now dedicated to architectural material research, advancing green and responsive buildings, and contributing to our planet's betterment.

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