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2021 // 

When talking about the Gunhill near Ithaca Fall, people come to the perception like: abandoned, toxic and inaccessible with all the demolition and clean ups. That’s the atmosphere people get solely from hearing the name of the site. The only reason to come down from the cliff to there is to get on the trail to see the beautiful Ithaca Fall.

Gunhill not only used to be packed with factories and mills, contributing to the rich history of the site, but also part of the significant energy source to power the overall industries. How to utilizing such rich and interesting history to shift the atmosphere and brought more people up the hill by making the Gunhill a more popular and elegant social gathering space is our concern.

The answer lies immediately on the old water energy system to power a new project; and meanwhile, a new natural energy powered by wind. With a slow blow of the wind, our invention could blow away the toughness and forbiddenness of the Gunhill by landing right next to the Ithaca Fall. When the Winfall revives the use of the old water raceway and embrace the wind energy, it starts to embody the past and the present, giving a future of the Gunhill.

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