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Multi-Purpose Commercial Building

2022 // 

This building contains office space, multiple retail spaces, a restaurant, and apartments. The building site is relatively flat and has a nice view to the south. The front entrance is to be on the south side of the building, with loading dock access on one of the other (3) sides. In addition, the design esthetically pleasing and utilize current design standards (e.g., building codes, energy efficient, and accessibility).

The building have (4) levels: Basement, First Floor, Second Floor, Third floor. The total square footage on each level is to be between 15,000 and 20,000 square feet (including halls, stairs, and elevators). Figure that halls, stairs, elevators, etc. will add about 15% - 20% to floor area beyond that of all rooms added together.

The basement used as storage and for utilities (e.g., mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services). The basement also need to be designed to incorporate a 150 square foot office for the building manager.

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