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2018 // 

The design of this scheme starts from the psychology of patients, and through the organization of patient streamlines and the construction of indoor human the construction of the industrial environment and the outdoor natural environment creates a fresh and elegant humanized medical environment. All in line with the order of the site, streamline the flow of traffic, form an efficient and reasonable medical process, for the modernization of the hospital management provides favorable conditions. And through the reasonable layout of architectural forms, the natural harmony between old and new buildings can be achieved to integrate the environment of the base and improve the surrounding urban landscape, and to work hard under limited conditions to create an ecological, natural and humanized modern urban medical environment. Considering the characteristics of the main wind direction, giving full play to the role of natural ventilation in building orientation and opening windows, and maximizing the adjustment ability of the natural environment in planning. The hospital’s appearance is mainly based on modern style, which forms a visual contrast between lightness and transparency and thickness and stablity, and conveys information of openness, strength and ,stability. The patient experience plays a crucial role in the design process, and effective distraction can reduce the pressure on hospitals to allow patients who come to see them to recover early.

In the design of the public space of the hospital, we break the oppressive space atmosphere of the hospital and wait in each department; the clinic area brings sunshine, air, blue sky and green trees into the room, creating a quiet and open environment.

Natural space can undoubtedly weaken the initial anxiety and tension of patients and provide pleasure to the body and mind. A comfortable and pleasant medical environment has been created as a whole, making the hospital warmer.

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