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Mountain Hotel

2017 // 

This design scheme is positioned as a mountain building.

First: In terms of modeling, this scheme pays attention to the integrity of the design, which is generally concise and clear, and the partial design seeks changes on the basis of following the unity of the overall style. The overall design method adopts the layer-by-layer design method, and uses the high and low heights to enhance the sense of jumping. The detailed treatment provides suitable human scale, rich landscape layers, and changes in materials and forms. According to the existing base form, the circular plane form is combined with vertical multi-level landscape elements to create a multi-dimensional sense of landscape environment. Cooperate in composition, material, texture, color, plane and other aspects to strengthen the different visual aesthetics as the height increases. Use modern design methods to strengthen the depth and expansion of the strip space along the east-west direction, use ecological theory to guide the landscape design, and increase the green area and green coverage of the road through reasonable layout. The overall shape uses the design elements of modern architecture to show the unique mountain landscape characteristics of mountain architecture.

Second, in terms of site selection, combined with the existing traffic routes, rationally select the geographical location, provide efficient and convenient conditions for passengers to travel, and at the same time play a certain role in integrating the transportation of mountain construction sites;

In the third aspect, while paying attention to the infrastructure construction of mountain hotels, increase the construction of services, entertainment and greening, and improve the overall service level through the construction of "back gardens", so as to provide a more comfortable and humanized tourist rest place for hotels.

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