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Multifamily Residential

2023 // 

Next Steps aims to revitalize the Hollins Market neighbourhood by promoting neighbourhood walkability, safety, and accessibility. This proposal taps into existing local activities to offer complementary resources and connect communities with additional neighbourhood amenities. On the ground floor, retail and commercial spaces activate dual corner street fronts to draw pedestrian traffic into local businesses. Terraced rooftops above visually connect residents with street activity, while offering a mixture of private green spaces and access to shared amenities. Large outdoor terraces include space for community gardens, outdoor activities, and play areas. The interior consists of residential suites standardized to mimic existing Baltimore rowhouse widths – with a mixture of studio, single and two bedroom unit types. By amplifying existing programs and fostering new connections, this project aims to celebrate current communities while cultivating its social, cultural and economic values. What are Hollins Market’s ‘Next Steps’?

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