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Primary School

2020 // 

The project base is located in the core of Science and Technology New Town of Jining High-tech Zone, with Shixian Road to the north, Qiantang River Road to the south and Haichuan Road to the west. To Rongchang Road in the east, the site is divided into north and south by two T-shaped crossing roads. The southern plot is the primary school section, and the northern plot is the middle school section. The land area of the department is 7.32 hectares, and the total construction area is about 56,000 square meters. The secondary school area is 22.16 hectares, with a total floor area of about 17.7 square meters. It is proposed to build a 12-year school consisting of 213 classes with a total of 9135 students, including the primary division. It includes 9 kindergarten classes and 54 elementary classes. The Middle School includes 90 middle school classes and 60 high school classes.

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