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Brewery Renovation

2018 // 

The renovation of D17 Industrial Park aims to transform the original building into a flexible place where sports and culture are intertwined. The development along the Gongshang River in Jinan has been relatively slow in recent years. In order to adapt to the rapid development of social cities and the needs of the environment, new functions and spiritual culture must be given to the site and buildings.
These old factory buildings that are almost to be demolished will become the "source of inspiration" for people to inspire creativity. This brewery has obviously undergone several renovations, and the original traces are no longer visible.

The business types that exist here include hotels, museums, abandoned factory buildings, office areas, etc., but they have no dominant positioning and cannot find their role in the city.

Since most of the surrounding crowd are the elderly and children, and the absence of adults and young people makes the whole venue greatly reduced, this place is positioned as a place where most people can gather for activities, and children are used as a medium to connect people from different classes In other words, each venue can provide services for people of different ages and classes to attract crowds and increase the popularity of the area where the base is located.

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