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Surface Design

2022 // Keywords: hydrophobia, hydrophilia, light refraction, biomimicry, salvinia molesta

The purpose of this project is to utilize interdisciplinary research to investigate the potential applications of bio-inspired hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface textures. By synthesizing the biological processes, structural composition, and surface complexity of the salvinia molesta fern (kariba weed), our team will develop a biomimetic device that can be resourceful in various environmental applications. Through the utilization of parametric modeling and 3D prototyping, our team will apply a generative design approach. The final design will employ both aspects of water retention as well as water protection to design a surface that is able to control the directionality and flow of water movement. In addition, the design will also employ light refraction methods for maximizing natural daylighting. The potential implications for this research include protective exposure to external environmental responses such as architectural applications relevant to daylighting, moisture, humidity and psychological benefits of biophilic restoration and human comfort.

Interactive PDF can be viewed at the link here.

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